Airbus Helicopters Launches Fleetkeeper® Electronic Flight Folio For South African Operators

Airbus Helicopters Southern Africa (AHZA) is offering its Fleetkeeper® electronic technical logbook and electronic flight folio to customers and operators in South Africa, following its authorisation by the SACAA.

Fleetkeeper® enables helicopter owners, pilots, maintenance and airworthiness managers to track flight hours, flight cycles and any other information regarding maintenance.  It provides a helicopter's airworthiness status to the pilots and records technical events during aircraft operation and any additional maintenance or repairs performed in-between scheduled base maintenance visits.

"We're delighted to make this efficient application available to our South African customers and operators and intend to offer it in other parts of Southern and East Africa soon.  We are currently in the process of securing similar authorisations from civil aviation authorities in other African countries, including Namibia and Kenya," explained AHZA Managing Director, Arnaud Montalvo.

Fleetkeeper® drastically reduces administrative burden, improves traceability and increases processes efficiency, letting our customers focus on their core business.

At a practical level, Fleetkeeper® helps operators anticipate their maintenance activities and efficiently plan their helicopter operations.  Moreover, pilots, airworthiness managers and mechanics can easily share data among themselves, seamlessly and in real time, while being online.  This reduces turn-around time.

Fleetkeeper® is both intuitive and ergonomic, combining user-friendly mobile and web applications for iPads and computers, and is hosted on a secured cloud-based platform.

Fleetkeeper® has already been approved by the civil aviation authorities of France, Singapore and Philippines, with more approvals processes underway around the world.

Source: Airbus