Improved Handling …SITA Reports 12.25% Reduction In Global Mishandled Baggage Rate

bagSITA says baggage management by the world's airlines improved again in 2016 as the industry focuses on technology investments and prepares for a step-change in handling by June 2018. The SITA Baggage Report 2017, recently released showed the rate of mishandled bags was 5.73 bags per thousand passengers in 2016, down 12.25% from the previous year and the lowest ever recorded.

According to SITA, this is good news for the rising number of passengers, which last year hit an all-time high of 3.77 billion. Moreover, since 2007, the rate of mishandled baggage has fallen 70% due to investment in technologies and process improvements by the world's airlines and airports, it states.

SITA discloses that the result is expected to improve further in the next one and a half years, adding that IATA members, the majority of the world's airlines, have adopted a resolution requiring every piece of checked baggage to be tracked along its journey by June 2018.




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